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A fanciful story of Sophie May, who buys hi-top pink tennis shoes for school, but cannot tie them!  The Shoe Untying Fairy plays with her laces, and gives Sophie May a rhyme to teach her how to tie those shoes!  Follow her attempts as she masters this important skill, and goes on to teach a friend how to tie his shoes!
Sophie May and the Shoe Untying Fairy
by Rosalind Bunn and Kathleen Howard
Illustrated by Lydia Rupinski
The Butter Bean Lady
by Kathleen Howard and Rosalind Bunn
Illustrated by Lydia Rupinski
 A story of love, friendship, and acceptance in Columbus, GA in the 1950s.  As Dianne's grandmother buys produce from the Butter Bean Lady, the two young granddaughters have a day of play and adventure.  The two families share a dinner together at the end of the day in this poignant and beautiful picture book.